Sarri book interview with Erika Olson
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Cocoon is a page turner! I couldn’t put it down.

Your memoir presents a role model for empowered women, unempowered women, social activists, wannabe social activists, literally just anyone who wants to make a difference, anyone trying to navigate life with determination and grit.
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Sarri Gilman noticed a problem. Many of the teenage students attending the Everett, Washington, school where she worked had nowhere to go at night. She then realized they were victims of a devastating loophole in the state's system, which provided housing for younger children and adults who were homeless, but had no space for teens.

What happened next was not in Sarri's career plan, but the marriage and family therapist could not turn her back on the problem unfolding around her. Instead, she became the executive director of a nonprofit organization, Cocoon House, which served - and continues to serve - as a home for the most vulnerable teens in her community, giving them the chance to find stability and a new lease on life.

Cocoon is her unbelievable, inspiring and true story.

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