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Life is too short to give and give and give -- and not get anything in return

Are you always solving all the problems?

Are you the one responsible for everything and everyone?

Are you even aware of what you need anymore?

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It’s time to take your life back

Transform Your Boundaries® online course helps you create better relationships and more joy in your life.

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Right from the comfort of your home, our multi-module online course gives you all the skills you need to transform your boundaries and have more joy in your life. No appointment necessary.

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The skills that you will learn in this program have been taught and practiced by 1000s worldwide. Coaches to psychotherapists, executives to moms-on-the-run have successfully created healthy relationships that endure from this program. You can too.

Learn and practice at your own pace

The beauty of this program is that you can do it where you want, when you want and how often. Every time you listen, you will have more choices and know what to say yes to and no to -- and feel good about it.

Pure Freedom!

Meet your Guide for the Course

  • "This work is what makes a better planet." Sarri Gilman

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  • •Licensed psychotherapist for over 35 years, author and authority in boundary development and skills.

    •Sarri has taught Transform Your Boundaries® worldwide to 1000s of people and organizations.

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When I look back, I see all the stuff I put up with; the great lengths I went to for other people in unequal relationships, the anxiety I felt over standing up for myself. This course made things much better and easier! I joke that establishing a boundary is like taking off a band- aid: it makes you wince in the moment but it's much less painful in the long run.

Danielle C

As the incoming president for the Washington State Public Health Association, we were looking for new perspectives and voices to include in our annual conference.
Sarri’s keynote on self care and boundaries was phenomenal and left everyone clamoring for more.
It was exactly what public health professionals and partners needed.

- Heather Thomas - Public & Government Affairs Manager

What I came away with in Sarri’s workshop was a very different understanding of even what boundaries are.
Rather than being good or bad, her work is about listening to oneself, hearing our yes’s and our no’s, being in relationship with what we hear,
and the indicators that reveal when we're not listening. It was revelatory, in subtle and profound ways. I am so very grateful.

- Heather Johnson - Executive Director Whidbey Institute

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