Guest Speaking, Workshops and Conferences

Sarri’s workshops and presentations are tailored for both personal and professional development.
If you have a special interest or specific need for your group, Sarri will customize a training to meet your needs.
If you would like to schedule a workshop or keynote for your group or event, please contact Erika Olson to discuss details: 206-369-2467

Transform Your Boundaries Book

Transform Your Boundaries provides a hands-on experience that gets you, the reader, immediately involved in developing your very own boundary skills in your everyday life.
You will learn how to tackle boundaries of all shapes and sizes from the simplest to the most extreme.
What was at one time insurmountable can become easily doable through developing the necessary tools, which are clearly explained by Sarri through examples.
You’ll recognize parts of yourself as you read.
If you are using the book in a book club, your group can Skype with Sarri for 20 minutes when you finish the final chapter.

The book is available at Amazon or your local bookstore or library.

Boundary Consultations

Do you need boundary help? Did you read Sarri’s book and have a question?
Do you wish you could ask Sarri some questions and discuss your own boundary conflicts?
Contact Sarri for a boundary consultation. Boundary consultations are one hour by Skype or phone and appointments are scheduled by email.

For more information contact

TEDx talk

TEDx talk given at Sno-Isle Libraries TEDx event


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Washington State Qualified Supervisor
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional